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Individual Needs Department (IND)

Every Child Matters’ and every child has the right to reach his full potential. The ‘Individual Needs Department’ (IND) (also known as the Achievement Centre) is a caring and nurturing environment set up and run by experienced specialist staff who ensure that every child reaches their full potential.

We assess each child’s individual learning needs on entry to school determining the type of learning support required whether in or outside of class, and individually or in groups.

Our specialist teachers develop ‘Individual Achievement Plans’ for identified children and work closely with class teachers, form tutors, parents and external agencies to ensure that the child derives the maximum benefit from each learning opportunity in school.

Our Individual Needs Department engages with children supportively giving them the confidence to 'have a go' at areas they find difficult. While there are several areas of focus, of the main ones are to ensure that the child becomes as independent as possible in their learning, and less reliant on the intervention of adults, and that we raise their literacy standards, particularly in writing and reading comprehension, which are crucial to the child’s long-term success.

Our Support Strategies

Our support strategies include:

  • Academic Workshops: during breaks and after-school hours, for students who need assistance to: revisit learning concepts, come up to speed with peers on a programme of study, or have questions answered.
  • Accelerated learning pathways: for the ‘Gifted & Talented’ students
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) Support: for students who require help with literacy so that they can access the full curriculum.
  • Staff Counselling: so students can turn to different members of staff if they have a concern or worry
  • Professional Counselling: led by the School Counsellor to confidentially discuss matters with students having specific difficulties or personal concerns
  • Tutorial Support: to ensure of each child’s intellectual, physical and emotional well-being so that children reach their fullest potential. Also read about our Tutorial System.
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