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Learning MultiSmart Learning™ Developing Key Skills
Developing Key Skills

Developing Key Skills

The Research Behind MultiSmart LearningTM

Research shows that all individuals possess key multiple ‘intelligences’, in various degrees of aptitude, to learn, remember, perform and understand. These are Logic (& Math) Smart, Language (& Linguistic) Smart, Visual (& Spatial) Smart, Body (& Kinaesthetic) Smart, Music Smart, Self (& Intrapersonal) Smart.

Our Teaching Practice Is Differentiated To Support MultiSmart LearningTM

Teachers often have to present information in a completely different way to reach students. Perhaps it was a student who struggled with writing until the teacher provided the option to create a graphic story, which blossomed into a beautiful and complex narrative. Or maybe it was a student who just could not seem to grasp fractions, until he created them by separating oranges into slices.

At RIS, we know that learning is fluid and complex. To develop a student’s ‘multiple intelligences’, our teachers:

  • Use different teaching approaches and personalised learning styles that are appropriate for each student.
  • Understand each student’s strengths and challenges as well as interests.
  • Provide different contexts for students, and use different tools and media to engage a student’s different senses
  • Provide students with multiple ways to access content
  • Provide students with multiple ways to demonstrate knowledge and skills.
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