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Inspiring greatness through empathy and innovation and guiding our talents toward achieving common goals of excellence

Internationally recognised education practitioners, our Senior Leadership Team with deep expertise in teaching and learning, school administration and governance, and curriculum delivery and assessment, empowers teachers and students alike to engage in cross disciplinary, active, and collaborative learning. The team is further guided by a passionate Board of Directors with over three decades of experience in building and managing schools.

Regent International School Ecoventure

Regent is an outstanding school

and provides an outstanding quality of education for pupils from three to 11 years

BSO Inspection Report

Very strong Curriculum with rich learning opportunities

that has an impact on the child's progress.

KHDA Report

We learn to sing and to use our voices, to create and compose music.

We even have the opportunity to learn how to play different musical instruments. Our music teachers are very talented. They even taught some of us how to floss.

RIS student

With an amazing senior leadership team and experienced educators,

a Regent education is interactive and collaborative – they truly make primary school a memorable experience.

Former RIS Parent

My school feels like home.

I love coming to school every day.

RIS student

Possibilities seem infinite at Regent.

There are no limits in my child’s imagination about what he can do. Children are encouraged to take chances, try anything and not be afraid.

RIS Parent

The strong sense of community makes Regent more than just a great place for study,

it’s a great place to socialise and make new friends.

Head Girl 2018-19

Regent has given my daughter a new start.

This school has encouraged her to gain confidence and to express herself despite mistakes. The teachers are always available to help and laugh with her.

RIS Parent
Understanding the 21st Century Learners

With our students, we believe that leadership qualities can be practiced, nurtured, and applied in many situations. Those beliefs extend to our outstanding staff. We have different levels of leadership at Regent International School, with different focuses and responsibilities, but they all have one thing in common – they are empowered to do what’s right for our students.

​​Our educators come from top-ranked universities in the UK and constantly hone and enhance their skills with our Continued Professional Development initiatives. Our senior leaders are nationally recognised education practitioners and our teachers have taught at leading schools in the UK.

Our leadership encourages teachers and students alike to take risks, make creative choices, and innovate. It is our aim to keep improving our classrooms and teaching strategies. This not only further elevates the standard of education that we offer, but it keeps Regent at the forefront of a cutting-edge teaching philosophies.

Our entire leadership team and our teachers live, teach, and practice the principles of Positive Education (PosEd). We incorporate empathy and forgiveness into every part of our interactions with our students, including classroom lessons, school policies, practices, routines, activities, and assemblies. But most important, we prioritise each child’s well-being so they develop a deep-rooted love for learning and acquire skills to self-direct their own learning.

Mrs. Shakuntala Mankani
Founder & Chairperson - Fortes Education
Mr. Sanjay Mankani
Managing Director
Mr. Ajay Mankani
Executive Director
Mrs. Veena M. Vaswani
Founder, Director
Mrs. Katrina Mankani
JINS Managing Director, Director of Positive Education
Mrs. Devika Mankani
Chief Psychologist, Member
Mr. David Williams
Acting Principal
Mr. Steve Dobson
Head of Key Stage 2 and 3
Miss Joanne Leslie
Deputy Head of EYFS & Key Stage 1
Mrs. Natalie Waterman
Deputy Head of Key Stage 2
Mr. Matthew Flynn
Assistant Head of EYFS & Key Stage 1
Mrs. Ibtihaje EI Senne
Head of Arabic & Islamic Studies
Miss Colette Kelly
Head of Physical Education
Mr. Troy Ellison
Head of Computing, Applied Innovations Lead, STEAM Lead
Mr. Imededdine Allagui
Head of French
Miss Jessica Walkinshaw
Head of Music
Dr. Kayleigh Sumner
Head of Positive Education & Wellbeing
Miss Nada Fatty
Deputy Head - Arabic & Islamic Studies & Arabic Native Lead
Mrs. Farah El Halabi
Arabic Non-Native Lead
Mr. Abd El Hadi Ramadan
Islamic Studies Lead
Miss Laura Magee
Achievement Centre Manager & Inclusion Champion
Miss. Rachael Leacy
Key Stage 2 - Maths Lead
Mr. Javaid Russool
Key Stage 2 - Science Lead
Miss Georgina Mead
Key Stage 2 - English Lead
Miss Victoria Porter
EYFS & Key Stage 1 - Maths Lead
Mr Jack O'Toole
EYFS & Key Stage 1 - Science Lead
Miss Hannah Browne
EYFS & Key Stage 1 - English Lead
Miss Naomi Jones
Year 6 Lead
Miss Natasha Lee
Year 5 Lead
Mr. Shane McLaughlin
Year 4 Lead
Mrs. Stephanie Williams
Year 3 Lead
Miss Yeliz Sonmez
Year 2 Lead
Miss Chloe Stafford
Year 1 Lead
Ms. Eram Mohayuddin
FS 2 Lead
Miss Claire Martin
FS 1 Lead
Whether you would like to understand our PosEd ethos, experience our classroom settings or enquire about our 60+ extracurricular activities, speak to our Senior Leadership Team.
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