Our Purpose: To empower students with a high-quality value-based education that inspires students to achieve their fullest potential and flourish in a changing world

Building lifelong learners through Positive Education, an innovative approach that enables students, schools and communities to flourish. Multiple studies have proven that positive emotions, engagement, purpose, relationships, accomplishments and health are the core building materials for human well-being. Through our PosEd philosophy, students develop a love for learning, build deep character strengths and acquire skills for continuous self-growth. At Regent, PosEd is not an additional subject but the culture of the school.
* Martin E.P. Seligman, April 2011, Flourish: A visionary new understanding of happiness and well-being.

Regent Secondary Positive Education
Regent EYFS Positive Education
Regent Primary Positive Education

Regent is an outstanding school

and provides an outstanding quality of education for pupils from three to 11 years

BSO Inspection Report

Very strong Curriculum with rich learning opportunities

that has an impact on the child's progress.

KHDA Report

We learn to sing and to use our voices, to create and compose music.

We even have the opportunity to learn how to play different musical instruments. Our music teachers are very talented. They even taught some of us how to floss.

RIS student

With an amazing senior leadership team and experienced educators,

a Regent education is interactive and collaborative – they truly make primary school a memorable experience.

Former RIS Parent

My school feels like home.

I love coming to school every day.

RIS student

Possibilities seem infinite at Regent.

There are no limits in my child’s imagination about what he can do. Children are encouraged to take chances, try anything and not be afraid.

RIS Parent

The strong sense of community makes Regent more than just a great place for study,

it’s a great place to socialise and make new friends.

Head Girl 2018-19

Regent has given my daughter a new start.

This school has encouraged her to gain confidence and to express herself despite mistakes. The teachers are always available to help and laugh with her.

RIS Parent
Pioneers of positive education in the UAE

“The ethos in all my schools is ‘happy children make successful learners and adults’. I strongly believe that if you develop a child’s values, character and well-being, both academic and non-academic success will follow.”
Mrs Shakuntala Mankani, Founder of Fortes Education.

Values, character and well-being has always been in the DNA of Fortes Education. The purpose statement of all Fortes schools reads as “empowering students with a high quality value-based education that inspires students to achieve their fullest potential and flourish in a changing world”. We, the UAE’s first Positive Education (PosEd) school, are able to provide this innovative curriculum for our students through partnerships with two organisations – the International Positive Education Network (IPEN) and Australia’s Geelong Grammar School.

Every Regent teacher is trained in PosEd and incorporates PosEd techniques into their lessons. In a given week, our students will participate in Weekly meetings about Character Strengths, FAIL (First Attempt in Learning) Days  and observe mindful moments in Well-Being Rooms. These unique sessions demonstrate our dedication to the well-being of our students and staff members, a commitment that has only grown stronger with each year. As we move forward, our children continue to thrive and grow. They understand that their lessons are bigger than school – what they learn at Regent will help them in the real world.

Power Of Positive Education

What Is A Whole School Positive Education Ethos?
Shaping Lives

How do we empower students to achieve their fullest potential and flourish in a changing world?

The Regent Life

How does it look, feel and sound in practice? Click on the icons below to explore.

Positive Emotions

Students who experience positive emotions have improved grades and exams scores.
Pekrun, R., et al. (2002)


We consciously generate more positive emotions by sharing more motivating news and looking for the good in others.

Positive Engagement

Students positively engaged at school have better motivation and behaviour.
Appleton, J. J., et al. (2008)


We encourage students to discover their strengths, using ‘mindfulness’ to be more present and give their best to truly enjoy learning.

Positive Relationships

Students who feel connected to their peers, teachers, and parents demonstrate stronger academic performance and engagement at school.
Furrer, C., & Skinner, E. (2003)


We help students build positive relationships with their peers by listening and learning to accept differences.

Positive Purpose

Students with purposeful goals whether within or outside of school or regarding future occupations experience more meaning in their life during and after their school going years.
Yeager, D. S., & Bundick, M. J. (2009)


We support students to find purpose in and out of school and help them define success on their own terms.

Positive Accomplishment

Students who experience positive accomplishments, and for whom failures are re-framed as learning opportunities, demonstrate greater motivation and persistence and achievement in school and life.
Snyder, C. R., et al. (1997)


We help student build their self-esteem by successfully tackling challenges.

Positive Health

Students who experience positive health and mindfulness are better equipped to overcome learning challenges and develop lifelong resilience.
Beauchemin, J., et al. (2008)


We practice sustainable habits for optimal physical and psychological health that are developed from a sound knowledge base.

When prospective families tour our campus, it’s quite common to hear that our atmosphere is warm and inviting. We pride our ourselves on creating an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome.
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